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From Enemies, to Cancer Friends, to...? by jesus-in-a-can
From Enemies, to Cancer Friends, to...?
Let's just say I took a liking to Chasing Life over the summer. Furthermore, I took an especially fond liking to Leo Hendrie. I just really need him and April to end up together and see the world and have amazing adventures and also... Cuddletime. So that's what I drew.

Basically shameless fluff, but whatever. I think it's cute. 

I used a different paper and inking/coloring style this time. Jury's still out on how well that turned out for me. I think it's pretty, though. Looks kind of like watercolor. I'm also insanely proud of Leo. He actually turned out looking like he was supposed to (aka resembling Scott Michael Foster like he was supposed to). April, on the other hand... She was a bit of a pain to draw, because positioning her head was hell and I'm still not totally satisfied but... Oh well. At least they look pretty. 

Not gonna lie, despite my frustrations, I'm pretty pleased with myself. 

~5ish hours total
~Micron pen, size 0.1
~Copic markers, Prismacolor brushtip markers
~9x12 in Canson Marker Paper

April and Leo belong to ABCFamily and their other respective owners, Scott Michael Foster and Italia Ricci belong to themselves. 
That Was My Wish, Too by jesus-in-a-can
That Was My Wish, Too
Oh my god, this show. Greek is my latest obsession, despite how I thought I hated it back in the day. Needless to say, middle school me couldn't relate and was dead wrong. Anyways, these two. OTP from the pilot to the finale and then some. I'll talk more about them in the next piece I do centering Casey and Cappie, though. 
This is really just a practice sketch to get used to their likenesses so I can do some real fanart of them later this weekish(?). I'll probably scrap this once that piece is up. The highlights are sooooo off, since I'm still trying to find the right technique and tools to use for that. Other than that, I think I captured them pretty well, which wasn't easy since I haven't done any realism practice in a long time. A long long time. 

~2 hours-ish
~Based off a screenshot from 3x09: "The Wish-Pretzel" 
~Pencil, various types
~White gel pen
~White pastel 

I do not own any rights to Greek or the cast, those belong to ABC Family, the cast members, and any other involved parties. 
Inspiration has struck once again, but this time, it isn't in the form of art... It's gaming. 

The Sims, to be exact. Gameplay, building, CAS... You see, it's the one thing I CAN do. Well enough, anyway. I know the game and it's mechanics very well (I've been playing it religiously in one form or another since elementary school), and I feel I have semblance of skill in terms of using it creatively and hopefully in a way that will entertain or help people get to know it better. Perhaps maybe even give me a chance to have enough courage to interact with some really cool people I've met through this awesome game. 

And thus leads me to the manhunt for a good quality, unrestricted screen recording software. (Oh, that also isn't laced with malware or "optional" toolbars)

I've been using CamStudio for most of my other projects, as it's free, relatively easy to use, and it's been recommended to me by several other LPers on YouTube. While I'm sure it works for them... No go for me. During the test, all I got was my cursor moving around on a black screen. Apparently CamStudio doesn't like DirectX-powered games like The Sims 3 unless they're in windowed mode, and that just won't work for me. So back to the interwebz I went. And came back with squat. 

After researching and inevitably turning to other, more experienced persons for help... I found a software that should work (I'm about to test it out with a sample lot). But it wasn't free. :/ TheSimSupply recommends XSplit, and others recommended Fraps. XSplit was about 15 bucks for a personal (unlimited), 3 month license that I can always renew... Fraps was 37 bucks... You can guess which one I went with, and even then I was almost considering to hell with the whole thing. So far, the interface is usable, nice looking (although that wasn't ever really a factor, it's still icing on the cake), and is supposed to be GREAT for full-screen game recording in high quality. Oh! And it didn't even ask me to install any "toolbars" or "plug-ins." Fingers crossed! I'll see how the test works, and if I post about a channel in the near future... You'll know it worked! 


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I draw everything and anything that comes to mind. There's a lot of experimentation involved. I tweet occasionally over here: And I write sometimes over here:

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